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This is the Life

Villa Am Meer Residents Club

In 1935 the most perfect place on the Gulf was Villa am Meer. It is today, more so than ever. One can imagine life on Longboat Key long before there was significant development. Times were simple. There were long reaches of pristine waterfront. In a modest but substantial home, the Kohl family gathered. The water was as it is today, steps away through wild grasses and soft sand. Sand castles, collecting shells, a picnic lunch, and a roaring fire in the evening, music and laughter in the air – simple pleasures were the order of the day.

This era inspires a present-day lifestyle, and prominently, in the Residents Club. Meticulously restored, many of the original finishes, including beautiful handmade ceramic tile floors and intricate stained glass windows are burnished to a new luster. Outdoor elements restored, the beachfront patio expanded. Inside, a new owners’ wine cellar and caterer’s kitchen set the stage for impromptu and more formal gatherings. Now restored and full of new life, Villa am Meer is certain to remain one of the most talked about and treasured properties on Longboat Key.