Aria Envisioned

‘A thing of beauty is joy forever.’ The landmarks of yesteryear have proven the wisdom of these words, just as they have created a high bar for the architect of today. In the world of design, especially where there is a contemporary soul, the margins are thin and the demand for subtle detailing rigorous. Here, now, on a historic estate, a rare opportunity has presented itself to the thoughtful attention of a seasoned developer and a richly experienced architectural team. Their vision for Aria is a visual and living experience certain to be – a thing of beauty and a joy forever.



Aria creates a distinct sense of arrival. While screened from the roadway, understated entry monuments and a paver drive suggest something very special lies beyond. The landscape is lush, gradually revealing a tranquil lagoon that reflects the Wellness Center, seeming to float above the water’s surface. Crossing a small bridge, anticipation heightens.  Now the arms of Aria gracefully embrace as one is welcomed, home.


West Elevation 4-14

At the edge of the beach is the historic Villa am Meer. The walking path circles the property. A graceful arch and water curtain span the pool. And overlooking all are sixteen residences with clear, unobstructed views in virtually every direction. There is no good / better / best at Aria. There are sixteen uniquely individual expressions of art and architecture that will find sixteen owners who know they’ve found their perfect place.



In architecture as in life scale, proportion and ambitions matter. And for those comfortable and confident in the elegantly understated, Aria is welcome relief. This is architecture that at once accomplishes sharp and sinuous, hard and soft, strong and subtle. And is the satisfying tension, exquisitely resolved, that will forever reward the eye and inspire the soul.